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Cryogenic Storage Spares and Accessories

  • Abdos Cryo Holder Rack

    Abdos Cryovial Holder Racks

    Abdos P20616 Cryovial Holder racks are of reusable polycarbonate (PC), can be handled in single hand, with a capacity of 40 cryovials or microtubes (1-2 ml) in a 10 x 4 place array. Applications Holds 1ml, 1.5ml and 2ml cryogenic vials, freezer...

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  • Globe Scientific Picker for CryoClear Vials

    The Globe Scientific Vial Picker part number 30078 is used for the safe and convenient removal of frozen vials from storage boxes. To use, simply insert the picker into the notch located in the top of the CryoClear caps and pull the vial out...

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  • Jencons Cryovial Workstation Rack Simport Cryovial Workstation Rack

    Simport Cryovial Workstation Rack

    This compact, stackable, polypropylene rack holds up to 50 cryogenic vials and makes use of the universal locking system, enabling any self-standing cryovials with universal locking bases to lock into place. Once locked into place, the vials do not turn,...

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  • Low LN2 Storage Dewar Alarm

    Worthington Cryo-Sentry Level Alarms

    Worthington Cryo-Sentry Low-Level Alarms provide protection for valuable materials which are stored in infrequently used LN2 refrigerators.  Features Audible and visible alarms indicate need for replenishment of LN2 at approximately 25% of...

    $1,014.97 - $1,015.97
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  • LN2 Hoses LN2 Hose on Liquid Withdrawal Device, with brass diffuser end

    Worthington Cryogenic Liquid Transfer Hoses

    The Worthington Cryogenic Liquid Transfer Hoses are flexible, stainless steel hoses with a 12mm nominal bore diameter, and are available in 19 inch, 4 foot and 6 foot lengths to fit Worthington (Taylor-Wharton) XL cylinders and liquid withdrawal...

    $283.97 - $371.97
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  • 5 Shelf Rack for LS750 5 Shelf Rack for LS3000

    Worthington Cryogenic Storage Racks

    The Worthington stainless steel Inventory Control Racks for the CXR500 dry shipper and LS series of cryogenic storage freezers.  Shelves hold Worthington and other makes of cardboard or plastic boxes and racks with 2ml...

    $104.97 - $235.97
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  • Liquid Level Measuring Rod

    Worthington LN2 Dewar Measuring Rods

    Use the Worthington LN2 measuring rod to clearly show the liquid level in a cryogenic dewar.  The liquid level in the dewar can be determined by measuring with a dipstick. Insert the dipstick straight into the container so that it always rests on...

    $6.97 - $8.97
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  • Jencons LN2 Dipper

    Worthington LN2 Dipper

    The Worthington part number R018-8C50 is a safe and convenient stainless steel dipper for removing small quantities (12ml) of liquid nitrogen (LN2) from dewars or refrigerators, making it ideal for benchtop use.   It has a total length of...

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  • Worthington LN2 Liquid Withdrawal Device

    Worthington LN2 Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD)

    The Worthington P/N D050-8C03 Liquid Withdrawal Device enables the Model LD25, LD35 or the LD50 LN2 dewars to safely and conveniently pressure transfer liquid nitrogen at rates up to 8 liters per minute.  The LWD allows replenishment of the...

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  • Model 80 and 82 Phase Separators Model 82 with 1/2" Flare Fitting

    Worthington LN2 Phase Separator

    The Worthington Models 80 and 82 Phase Separators are designed to minimize hazardous splashing and vaporization while transferring liquids into open containers while using Worthington transfer hoses or the Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD)...

    $41.97 - $84.97
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  • Worthington Replacement Cap/Necktube Core

    All Worthington cryostorage refrigerators and dewars each comes with a standard lid, so it is not necessary to purchase an additional one.  However, many customers buy spare caps/neck tube cores in order to modify them so that different kinds...

    $17.97 - $356.97
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  • Worthington Roller Base, Tipping Stand

    Worthington Roller Bases, Tipping Stand

    Worthington's sturdy, 5 wheel, cast-aluminum dolly, which can enable the safe and easy movement of various models of Worthington refrigerators, cryostorage and dewars.  Choose from various sizes to fit the appropriate unit: Part...

    $251.97 - $384.97
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  • Tippng Stand, shown with LD25 Dewar (Sold Separately)

    Worthington Tipping Stand for LD25

    The Worthington D025-8C00 is an easy-to-use, mobile tipping stand which supports the fully loaded weight of a Taylor-Wharton model LD25, 25LD or CLASSIC-T cryogenic dewar.  The Tipping Stand It allows for convenient, safe pouring of ...

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