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Microscope Accessories

  • Camera Adapter

    Mitutoyo Finescope 70 (FS70) Camera Mounts

    Mitutoyo camera adapters for Finescope 70 (FS70) Microscope:   Adapter B, for C-mount camera,   TV Adapter, used in conjunction with C-Mount Features Fits standard C-mount compatible cameras, including still or video, analog...

    $184.97 - $2,079.97
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  • Mitutoyo Finescope 70 (FS70) Eyepiece Reticles

    Eyepiece Reticles516848: Cross-hair516576: Broken cross hair (90º and 60º)516578: Concentric circle (Diametric increment: 1.2mm)516577: 20mm scale (Minimum reading: 0.1mm) with cross hair516849: 10mm scale (Minimum reading: 0.1mm)516850:...

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  • MT-1 Tube Lens

    Mitutoyo MT Tube Lens for Video Camera

    Mitutoyo Finescope 70 (FS70) Microscope camera C-mount adapters.   Specifications SKU Number Model Number Focal length (mm)  Magnification (tube lens)  Image field (mm)  Entrance Pupil (mm) Dimensions...

    $730.97 - $3,709.97
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  • Zarbeco Caliwedge for MiScope Caliwedge Calibration

    Zarbeco CW-M2 Caliwedge

    Zarbeco CW-M2 Caliwedge is an one button software for calibration of MiScope and MiScope Megapixel 2 Series for achieving accurate measurement.  Discounts available - Call for quantity pricing. Features Object to be measured is placed under...

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  • Zarbeco Caliwedge for ZDM or Digital Microscopes

    Zarbeco CW-ZDM2 Caliwedge

    Zarbeco CW-ZDM2 Caliwedge microscope is a system to enable calibration of ZDM digital microscopes with a single button touch. The Zarbeco CW-ZDM2 CaliWedge (Patent Pending 15/062,663) for the Zarbeco ZDM digital microscope includes a...

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  • Zarbeco 3W LED Flashlight for MiScope 3W LED Flashlight with flashlight holder

    Zarbeco LED3W, LED 3 Watt Flashlight

    Zarbeco LED3W is a battery powered 3 Watt LED Flashlight with ON/OFF switch. It is used when bright side(alternate) lighting is required for imaging in all MiScope and MiScope Megapixel 2 models. Discounts available - Call for quantity pricing...

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  • Zarbeco M-PRO Kit

    Zarbeco M-PRO Kit

    The Zarbeco M-PRO Kit is a shockproof and dust proof hard case containing important MiScope accessories, including light table, flash light, Video Toolbox PRO in a single foam padded kit.   Does not include microscope...

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  • Zarbeco MAC Software Image of Fly wing, 140x

    Zarbeco MAC-SW MAC Software

    Zarbeco MAC-SW is called the MAC Software which helps to view images of better quality in MiScope when connected to a computer/laptop. It is compatible to all models of MiScopes and MP2 Series. MAC Software can be used to capture images/movies, add...

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  • Zarbeco FocusLock Stand for MiScope Sample image-1 without FocusLock and with FocusLock

    Zarbeco MFLstand FocusLock Stand

    Zarbeco MFLstand is the FocusLock Stand which enables the use of Focuslock software in MiScope Megapixel 2 models and lowers the magnification to increase the depth of field.  Discounts available - Call for quantity pricing. Features Specially...

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  • Zarbeco Measurement Kit with holder

    Zarbeco MGrid Series Measurement Grid

    Zarbeco Measurement grid series is a MiScope accessory used to measure the sample to calibrate when using flat surface. It is a 10X10 grid of 0.7 mm x 0.7 mm squares and each square is again subdivided into 10x10 matrix of 0.07mm. Discounts available -...

    $64.97 - $83.97
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  • Zarbeco 7" Premium Hard Case with 2 custom trays Zarbeco 8" Premium Hard Case with 3 custom trays

    Zarbeco MISC-PC Series Premium Hard Case

    Zarbeco MISC PC7/PC8 series are premium hard cases to safely hold MiScopes and its accessories with 2 or 3 trays with custom. It is made up of premium foam which snugs around the device/accessories to keep it safe and neat when transferred from labs to...

    $181.97 - $240.97
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  • Zarbeco MMP2-FW-3 Filter Wheel

    Zarbeco MMP2-FW-3 Filter Wheel

    Zarbeco MMP2-FW-3 Filter Wheel for MiScope Megapixel 2 and Megapixel 3 Applications Education, Field sciences, Collectibles, Forensic sciences, Manufacturing. Features Portable IR luminescence/fluorescence imaging, Includes built-in blue...

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  • Desktop Weighted Base Table Edge Clamp Base

    Zarbeco MPEF-AAT-11 Articulated Arm Stand

    Zarbeco MPEF-AAT Series is an articulated adjustable Arm Stand for the MiScope MP2, MP3 and MiScope MP2 or MP3 Extended Field digital microscopes with table-edge attachment or desktop base.  Available options for either 11" articulated arm or 22"...

    $85.00 - $390.00
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  • Zarbeco Live Insect Holder Image of Live ant placed in the built in Precison grid

    Zarbeco MPIH-002 Live Insect Holder

    Zarbeco MPIH-002 Live Insect Holder helps to hold insects to either capture still/moving images or measure them with the help of inbuilt grid. This accessory is adaptable to both MiScope and Megapixel 2 Series. Discounts available - Call for quantity...

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  • Zarbeco U-Shims, MiScope Accesssory

    Zarbeco U-Shim Set

    Zarbeco Ushims are special accessories designed to help in viewing tall objects in MiScope by decreasing magnification and increasing field of view. It helps both all Miscope digital microscope models to increase their height while fitting around the...

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  • Zarbeco USB VideoLink 2.0 Image of LED

    Zarbeco USB-002-2B VideoLink Frame Grabber

    Zarbeco USB-002-2B is a VideoLink Frame Grabber which connects video cameras/microscopes using a USB 2.0 port with laptops/desktops. Applications Photo ID systems, Mobile imaging, Surveillance and security, Image documentation, Astronomy, Video...

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  • Zarbeco FocusLock Plugin Tool for Video Toolbox and Video ToolBox PRO

    Zarbeco VTB-FL-002 Focus Lock Plug-in

    Zarbeco VTB-FL-002 Focus Lock Plugin Tool in VideoTool Box is a software program used in MiScope or Video Inspection System for enhancing depth of focus for better image quality. Discounts available - call for quantity pricing. Features Produces...

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  • Zarbeco Foot Switch Plugin for Video ToolBox  and Video ToolBox PRO

    Zarbeco VTB-FS-002 Foot Switch Plug-in

    Zarbeco VTB-FS-002 Foot Switch Plug-in is a Videobox Accessory which captures images and movies by a foot switch. It is very ideal to be used when the hands are busy operating on the system operations. It also comes as a part of Video Toolbox PRO kit...

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  • Zarbeco Particle Analyzer Plugin for Video ToolBox and Video ToolBox PRO

    Zarbeco VTB-PC-002 Particle Analyzer Plugin

    Zarbeco VTB-PC-002 Particle Analyzer Software is a plug-in used in Video Toolbox,VTB Toolbox PRO, the video display, capture and annotation software from Zarbeco. It can be used to count the number of particles (from tiny to big)in a image taken in...

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  • Zarbeco Video Averager Plugin for Video ToolBox and Video ToolBox PRO

    Zarbeco VTB-VA-002 Video Averager Plug-in

    Zarbeco VTB-VA-002 Video Averager Plug-in improves lighting quality of images and eliminates unwanted sound from a microscope or video inspection system. The software in it does all the work once it is turned on. It works as a plug-in to Video ToolBox...

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