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Pen-Ray Light Sources

Pen-Ray Lamps are low pressure, cold cathode UV lamps made of double bore quartz tubing. This design allows the electrodes to be positioned at one end of the lamp providing easy access into small apertures. Depending on the lamp characteristics, primarily the lighted length, the power requirement to the lamp can range from 2 to 20 watts and produce from 40 uW/cm2 to over 20 mW/cm2.

  • Isolated spectral lines for calibration purposes.
  • Slower solarization of the quartz tubing.
  • Contamination free internal environment for superior quality and life of the lamp.
  • Increased stability of the emission for accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Typical useful lamp life of 2000-8000 (depends on lamp type).
  • Miniature lamp size: As small as 1.85in(47mm) with a lighted length of approximately 0.04in (1.02mm).
  • Cool burning compared to higher pressure lamps.
  • Variable energy output option based on current and components.

Lamp Selection
Standard light source models are available with a variety of characteristics:

  • Mercury,
  • Rare Gas,
  • Zinc/Cadmium,
  • Photochemical,
  • CP Series Calibration,
  • Field Packs,
  • Microscope Lamps,
  • Ozone Generators,
  • Grids,
  • AC and DC Power Supplies.