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Repetitive Pipettes

  • Scilogex EZ Syringe Tips

    Scilogex EZ Syringe Tips

    Scilogex EZ Syringe Tips fit all repeating pipettes using standard sized syringe tips, such as the StepMate™, HandyStep® and the Eppendorf® RepeaterTM. EZ-Tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and high-density polyethylene without...

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  • Scilogex StepMate Repeater Pipettor StepMate Repeater Pipettor with EZ Polypropylene syringe tip

    Scilogex StepMate Repeater Pipettor

    Scilogex StepMate Repeater Pipettor allows rapid, precise and accurate dispensing, up to 48 times in succession, without refilling. Features Easy single-handed operation and volume setting, Ideal for pipetting aqueous and viscous liquids, Accessory...

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