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Hybridization Ovens

UVP's precision heated and multifunctional hybridization ovens feature accurate temperature and motion controls, easy clean interior, stainless steel construction, and a wide selection of models to meet individual user or laboratory budgets and requirements. The dynamic mixing capability is ideal for creating optimum conditions needed for cDNA library screenings, primer synthesis and nucleic acid hybridization.

  • HB-500 Minidizer is a personal desktop hybridization oven ideal for use in laboratories with low usage and space requirements.
  • HB-1000 Hybridizer is designed to create the ideal environment for nucleic acid hybridization. The HB-1000 is an efficient work space ensuring thorough mixing at a set temperature.
  • HL-2000 HybriLinker combines the benefits of a Hybridization Oven and UV Crosslinker (254nm UV) in one self-contained, space saving unit for crosslinking prior to hybridization protocols.
  • HM-4000 Multidizer is designed with a variety of motion options - roller, shaker, orbital, rotating - all in one unit. Shake, rock, roll and rotate motions!