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UV Lamps

  • EL Series UV lamps - Available with 4, 6, or 8-watt lamps with a variety of UV wavelengths and white light combinations
  • J-138 Lamp Stand - For use with any EL Series Lamps to allow for hands-free use.
  • Compact UV Lamps - A variety of 4-watt models with longwave (365nm), shortwave (254nm) or multiple wavelengths.
  • Handheld UV Lamps - A variety of 6-watt models with longwave (365nm), shortwave (254nm) or multiple wavelengths.
  • Mini UV Lamps - A variety of 4-watt lamps which operate on four AA batteries and available in longwave (365nm), shortwave (254nm) or multiple wavelengths.
  • Portable UV Lamps - A variety of 6-watt UV lamps are operated by two 6-volt lantern batteries.
  • Rechargeable UV Lamps - A variety of lamps with dual 6-watt UV tubes operated by a rechargeable internal gel based, lead-acid battery which can be charged for field operation from a standard wall outlet.
  • UVGD-68 - A quartz grid lamp rated for 20,000 hours of use with unlimited on/off capability.
  • Mineralight® 225D Display Lamps - UV illumination for fluorescence, sterilization or inspection applications with double 25-watt tubes.
  • Mineralight® R-52G Grid Lamp - UV illumination for fluorescence, sterilization or inspection applications with a powerful, uniform source of high-intensity shortwave UV rated for 20,000 hours of use with unlimited on/off capability.
  • XX-Series - Benchtop style lamps with a variety of models at 15, 20 or 40-watts, providing shortwave (254nm), longwave (365nm), BLB (black light blue) or midrange (302nm) UV in a durable aluminum housings.
  • Blak-Ray® B-100 series - A range of 100-watt high intensity longwave (365nm) lamps.  
  • B-100Y and B-100YP Lamps - These lamps provide high-contrast light for the semiconductor fabrication industry and fine surface particle detection. A yellow filter blocks wavelengths shorter than 500nm and produces three strong mercury lines
    at 543, 574 and 576nm.
  • BL-15 - A longwave (365nm) BLB UV lamp is ideal for inspection applications in hard to reach places.
  • Signature UV Lamps - Signature and fraud detection UV lamps use longwave UV to check the authenticity of signatures, documents, tickets, passports, currency and credit cards.
  • 6v/12v Battery Charger

    Analytikjena Battery Charger 6V

    Battery Charger 1 amp fully-automatic two-stage (bulk charge and float charge) lead-acid float charger-maintainer.  Perfect for all 6- or 12-volt lead-acid and sealed maintenance free batteries. Designed to fully charge battery and maintain...

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  • XX-Series - 40 watt, 20 watt, 15 watt Blacklight Blue (BLB) Lamp

    AnalytikJena XX Series UV Bench Lamps

    AnalytikJena's XX Series UV Bench Lamps offer a selection 15, 20 and 40 watt UV light fixtures. We can provide as the fixture only, or with a choice of tubes with the following wavelengths: 365nm UVA (longwave) phosphor coat, 365nm UVA (longwave)...

    $291.97 - $546.97
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  • AnalytikJena 58-0127-01 Charging Adapter with barrel plug, for UVL-26P and UVS-26P Portable & Rechargeable UV Lamps

    Analytikjena 12VDC Adapters

    Analytikjena Adapters for Rechargeable UV Lamps for operating the lamp from a car cigarette lighter. Features Automotive adapter for UVL-26P, UVS-26P, and UVSL-26P portable and rechargeable UV lamps, 12V DC, Select appropriate...

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  • 3UV Lamp

    AnalytikJena 3UV Lamp

    AnalytikJena's innovative 3UV™ Lamp houses three UV wavelengths, 254nm shortwave, 302nm midrange and 365nm long wave, in one lamp, providing the versatility for multiple applications. Selection of each wavelength is by an easy turn of the dial...

    $642.97 - $671.97
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  • AnalytikJena BL-15 UV Lamp

    AnalytikJena's  BL-15 wand lamp is a longwave BLB UV lamp for detecting leaks in hard to reach places within automotive and heavy equipment systems. Includes two adjustable hooks. Specifications Input Power: 115VA/60hz, UV Tube: 15 watt...

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  • B100A with Plastic Lamp Head B-100A with Aluminum Lamp Head, 20 ft Electrical Cords

    AnalytikJena Blak-Ray B-100A UV Lamp

    AnalytikJena's BlakRay B-100A and B-100AP lamps are 100 watt, 365nm longwave UVA lamp with an ergonomic ballast base, designed for non-destructive testing and fluorescence inspection.  Lamp head can be separated from the base with a secondary...

    $623.97 - $762.97
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  • Blak-Ray B-100Y, Aluminum Lamp Head Blak-Ray B-100YP, Cool-Touch Plastic Lamp Head

    AnalytikJena Blak-Ray B-100Y, B-100YP

    The AnalytikJena Blak-Ray B-100Y lamps feature a yellow filter which blocks wavelengths shorter than 500nm and produces three strong mercury lines at 543, 574 and 576nm. The high contrast light is produced for fine surface particle detection. Particles...

    $623.97 - $722.97
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  • Compact Lamp w/UV bandpass filter Mounted in Optional Stand for hands-free operation

    AnalytikJena Compact UV Lamps

    The AnalytikJena Compact UV Lamp has a 4 watt tube in a impact resistant plastic housing, with on/off switch on back.  This lamp's lightweight, easy-to-handle lamp design is compatible the optional stand, Model J-124, for AC powered, hands-free use...

    $130.97 - $249.97
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  • AnalytikJena EL Series UV Lamps

    AnalytikJena's EL Series UV Lamps are all dual tube lamps with a variety of power and single or multiple wavelength configurations.  Each is manufactured with a durable, extruded metal housing with scratch resistant powder paint and an 8ft...

    $219.97 - $512.97
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  • AnalytikJena J Series Analog UV Meter

    AnalytikJena J Series Analog UV Meter

    AnalytikJena's  J-Series UV meters are photovoltaic devices for taking accurate and repeatable readings of UV light sources in either the 365nm or 254nm UV range. The measurement of lamp irradiance is the most effective way to monitor the useful...

    $588.97 - $642.97
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  • J-138 EL Series UV Lamp Stand

    AnalytikJena J-138 EL Series Lamp Stand

    The J-138 Stand is designed for hands free use of AnalytikJena's full line of EL Series UV Lamps, including 8 watt, 6 watt and 4 watt types. The EL series lamps simply and conveniently slip in and out of the J-138 stand as needed...

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  • Mineralight 225D Series

    AnalytikJena Mineralight Display Lamp

    AnalytikJena's Mineralight Display Lamps use dual 25-watt high performance UV tubes providing hours of UV illumination for fluorescence, sterilization, or inspection applications. Each lamp comes with adjustable handles and mounting bracket for hanging...

    $484.97 - $969.97
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  • Mini 4 Watt Models:    UVG-4, UVSL-14P, UVL-4 Mini 4 Watt Model UVL-4F

    AnalytikJena Mini 4 Watt Lamps

    AnalytikJena Mini 4 Watt Lamps are battery operated and are excellent as a portable lamp for field use. Manufactured of impact-resistant plastic which resists fading or cracking. Applications Field inspections, Industrial...

    $31.97 - $104.97
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  • AnalytikJena MRL-58 Multiple Ray Lamp

    AnalytikJena MRL-58

    AnalytikJena MRL-58 Multiple Ray Lamp allows users to pivot the lamp or change the height to three positions. Minimal size makes this lamp excellent for benchtop use.  Features The unique design of this lamp allows the user to pivot the...

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  • AnalytikJena Pen-Ray Field Pack

    AnalytikJena Pen-Ray Field Pack

    AnalytikJena's Pen-Ray Field Packs combine a light source and a DC power supply (with 9V battery) in a compact, portable package. The Pen-Ray Field Packs are lightweight (0.3 lb) and small enough to fit in a pocket.   Applications Field use...

    $473.97 - $609.97
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  • Model UVL-56 Model UVGL-55

    AnalytikJena PL Series Handheld UV Lamps

    AnalytikJena's Handheld UV Lamps are uniquely designed with an ergonomically designed handle.  These durable and lightweight 6 watt lamps feature an on/off button conveniently located on the back. Applications UV...

    $176.97 - $325.97
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  • Portable 6 Watt UV Lamp

    AnalytikJena Portable 6 Watt Lamps

    AnalytikJena Portable 6 Watt Lamps are lightweight, durable plastic lamps, excellent for field use. Lamps are available with longwave, shortwave or split-tube longwave/shortwave combination. AnalytikJena's Portable 6 Watt UV lamps can be configured...

    $262.97 - $325.97
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  • UVP R-52G Mineral Light

    Analytikjena R-52G Mineral Light

    Analytikjena's R-52 Mineralight Lamp uses a grid design lamp which provides a highly uniform 254nm UV source of high-intensity.   Features A high intensity 254nm UV grid lamp, UVC shortwave filter with reduced solarization, prolonging the...

    $856.97 - $882.97
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  • Rechargeable 6W Lamp Rechargeable 6W Lamp Mounted on UVP's Model C-10P Portable Viewing Cabinet

    AnalytikJena Rechargeable 6 Watt Lamps

    Analytikjena Rechargeable 6 Watt Lamps are equipped with an internal gel-based, lead-acid battery. Carry the portable/rechargeable six watt UV lamps anywhere. Built-in lead acid battery allows hours of use. Select from longwave or shortwave UV...

    $294.97 - $387.97
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  • Model SL-2M for fraud detection and signature verification

    AnalytikJena SL-2M UV Lamp

    The SL-2M UV lamp offers a cost-effective solution to security problems as the longwave ultraviolet detects invisible markings and alterations made to documents. The lamp is easy and ecomomical to operate. Simply pass the item in question under the 4...

    $203.97 - $205.97
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  • UVG-11 Compact Lamp UVG-11 Compact Lamp with Stand

    AnalytikJena UVG-11 Compact Lamp

    The AnalytikJena Model UVG-11 Compact UV Lamp has a 4 watt UVC (254nm) shortwave tube in a impact resistant plastic housing, with on/off switch on back.  This lamp's lightweight, easy-to-handle lamp design is compatible the optional stand, Model...

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  • Model UVGD-68

    Analytikjena UVGD-68 Grid Display Lamp

    AnalytikJena's Grid Display Lamps uses a quartz grid lamp which is rated for 20,000 hours of use, with unlimited on/off capability.  Ideal for large scale gem and mineral displays.  Each lamp comes with adjustable handles and mounting bracket...

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  • CVSLS-1000 Standard Version VLS-1000 Premium Version

    Rainbow-Light Ultra-Violet Micro Spectrometer

    The Rainbow-Light Ultra-violet Micro Spectrometers are commonly used in liquid chromatography detection; they are used to measure and record the ultraviolet absorption variation of the liquid flow of samples before doing quantitative and qualitative...

    $2,300.00 - $6,000.00
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  • Blak-Ray B-100AP Accessories: Finger Guard, Visor, Funnel

    Visor for AnalytikJena Blak-Ray B-100A

    AnalytikJena's B-100A Lamp Visor, p/n 19-0124-01, shields the user from the blue haze and the stray UVA emitted from the lamp. This is correct version for the Blak-Ray model B-100A only.   Not correct for the B-100AP, B-100AP/R, B-100SP,...

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