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Crystal Technology

  • Crystal Technology Inc. Dry Bath - LED Display Crystal Technology Inc. Dry Bath - LCD Display, PID Controller

    CTI Dry Bath

    The Crystal Technologies Digital Dry Baths are microprocessor controlled units available with an automatic PID temperature control programmability, providing accurate and uniform temperature...

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  • CTI Mini 3D Nutating Shaker

    The Crystal Technology BC-4201A is an economical 3D shaker for mixing samples with the combined motions of an orbital shaker and a rocker. This provides a gentle yet thorough mixing of samples...

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  • Mini Centrifuge (Shown with 6 x 1.5ml/2.0ml  tube rotor head)

    CTI Mini Centrifuges

    Centrifuges are an essential piece of laboratory equipment used in clinical, environmental and industrial research. Crystal Technology's Mini Centrifuges are personal centrifuges which are ideal...

    $119.00 - $139.00
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  • Crystal Technology Mini-Roller

    CTI Mini Roller

    The Crystal Technology Mini Rollers are used for liquid mixing, cell culture, hybridization, and more. They can operate on the benchtop or in dry or humid incubators. Rollers can be added for a total...

    $1,249.00 - $1,299.00
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  • Magnetic Stirrer with Keypad and LED Display Magnetic Stirrer with LCD Touchscreen Display

    CTI MS1 Magnetic Stirrer, 2 liter

    The Crystal Technology MS1 series of Magnetic Stirrers are available with either an LED keypad or LCD touchpad control. The spinning magnetic field for the stirrer bar is generated by a wear-free...

    $229.00 - $269.00
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  • SilentShaker® Orbital Shaker

    CTI Orbital Shaker

    The Crystal Technology SilentShaker® Orbital Shaker may be used for several applications including culturing microbes, washing blots, and general mixing.  It is designed and built for a...

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  • CTI Pipette Carousel

    The Crystal Technology Pipette Carousel is a compact, 6-place pipette carousel to help organize the laboratory benchtop. The pipette is held in place at the handle, not by the nose cone, to eliminate...

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  • Tube Revolver, Four Paddle Rotisserie

    CTI Revolving Tube Rotator

    The Crystal Technology's Tube Revolver is used in a variety of laboratory fields such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical, and Histochemistry. Rotisseries and rotisserie paddles are...

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  • Vortex Mixer, with digital speed and time controls and displays Vortex Mixer, with analog speed control and digital timer control and display

    CTI Vortex Mixer

    Crystal Technology Vortex Mixers are essential instruments used for stirring and mixing in medical, biotech, chemical, and other research labs. Our strict quality controls in fabrication make the...

    $269.00 - $289.00
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